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Who I Am


After her high school, the artist Lucia Di Pasqua, attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Foggia where she won a special prize in a national competition with her sketch  "Attraverso un paese e la sua cucina", sponsored by the Touring Club of Italy.  After the Academy she worked for the Festival of the Valle d’Itria utilizing the props and painting scenes from Emanuele Luzzati and Maurizio Balò.  
In the following years she attended courses in painting and wood restoration at the Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and a course on Trompe l'oeil at the Superfluous Academy in Rome. Later she restored some wooden polychrome works in collaboration with the Superintendence of Bari. She collaborated with Roberto Lucifero in creating a pictorial cycle of twenty large canvases and the replication of the Crucifix of Fondi for the Civil Museum of Fondi.  She participated in various group exhibitions of contemporary art and installations in Rome, Naples, Foggia and Pontassieve.   
The artist has teaching experience in schools and public institutions; she has created artwork for the City of Alberona and is always in search of local historical art. She is motivated to organize exhibits, events and publications.  
Currently the artist works diligently in her studio designing and handcrafting unique handbags so that many people can walk the streets flaunting the paintings of the artist Lucia DiPasqua.
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