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Lisoladipasqua is a brand created by the artist Lucia Di Pasqua in 2015.  
The choice of the brand name comes from the idea to associate her surname with a particular place on the earth, which is “Easter Island” in the Pacific Ocean.
The idea is to create handbags and accessories with reproductions of her paintings to make art available to everyone through highly original and innovative creations.
The special collections are found online at www.lisoladipasqua.it and at her art studio  "Lisoladipasqua" in Alberona.

“The art to everyone”
When you buy something from an artist,
you're buying more than one item.
You are buying hundreds of hours
of failures and experiments.
Are you buying days, weeks
and months of frustration and moments
of pure joy.
You're not buying a thing,
 you're buying a piece of heart,
a part of the soul,
a moment in the life of someone else.
My  Creations
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